Borrowers Guide
There are hundreds of different home loan products in the market today. Home loans can categorised under the following.

- Standard Variable Rate Home Loans
- Basic Variable Rate Home Loans
- Fixed Rate Home Loans
- Combination or Split Loan
- Line of Credit Loans
- Low Documentation Loans for the Self Employed
- Non Conforming (including Low Documentation) Loans

Standard Variable Rate Loans

Standard Variable Rate loans typically offer you maximum flexibility and great features, including the option to fix or split your loan, the ability to make additional repayments when you can afford to, and the option to redraw these funds for any purpose when you need to.

Basic Variable Rate Loans

Basic Variable Rate Loans offer a lower interest rate, but fewer features than a Standard Variable Rate Loan. This type of loan is also called the No frills loan.

Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed Rate Loans protect you against interest rate increases for a fixed period of time. They are usually available for 1, 3, 5, 7 years. The repayments on such loans remain the same for the set fixed period.

Combination or Split Loan

Combination or Split Loans combine the flexibility of a variable rate and the certainty of a fixed rate. Such loans support partly fixed and partly variable portions.

Line of Credit

Line of Credit Loans are interest only variable rate loans that allow you to borrow against the equity in a home with the added flexibility of a transaction account built into the loan.

Low Doc Loans for the Self Employed

Low Doc Loans are an excellent option for self employed applicants who have not completed recent tax returns or are unable to evidence their income in the manner normally required by lenders for standard loan products.

Non Conforming Loans

Non Conforming Loans have been designed to help borrowers who do not meet standard lending guidelines. This includes borrowers who have an impaired credit, are unable to provide the usual documentation required in support of their loan or simply do not meet the lending criteria of mainstream lenders.

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